What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

If you’re reading this, you are likely nearing D Day.  As you are no doubt anxiously monitoring every flutter of movement we thought we may ease your load by providing a COMPREHENSIVE, #forreal list of what you ACTUALLY need to pack in your hospital bag.

Before we begin, I’m going to categorically tell you what you DON’T need. And that magic item is none other than your hair straightener. Yes, when I waddled off to hospital, naive and giddy with excitement, I was convinced looking lovely would be on the top of my priority list. Let me tell you something sweet mamma to be, after a baby has been pushed, cut or pulled from your body you are NOT going to care about the status of your hair.


Now that we’ve got that little barney straightened out, let’s get onto the necessary items.


  1. Lovely pyjamas x 3 pairs – you may not have time to do your hair but there’s always time to slip on some lovely night ware to make yourself feel extra special.


  1. Documents – an annoying but essential item. Make sure you have all of your identification documents, details of health insurance, Medicare card and any hospital documentation you will need.


  1. Slippers – you won’t be walking far but if you do, you will need something on your feet.


  1. Labour outfit – now this is different for everyone. Some intend to be all lady-like and wear a negligée of sorts while others just go nudie. The hospital will provide a gown so don’t stress too much!


  1. Entertainment – there’s a likelihood that you will be waiting nervously prior to labour so bring a book, your ipad, your phone, magazines and maybe even your laptop to distract you.


  1. Essentials – spoil yourself with some lovely massage oil, moisturiser, and even a calming facial mist. Make sure you pack hair ties, lip balm, a headband and your usual toiletries.


  1. Nitty gritty – there’s no way around this. You are going to need some comfortable high waisted undies in the event you do have a C-section. Anything coming close to that wound will be agony. You will also need maternity sanitary pads, lots of ‘em…because well, you’re going to need them lady!


  1. For your partner – so if your partner is anything like mine you’ll need to pre-arrange his essentials. (Note my partner rocked up to the hospital with a plastic bag filled with I don’t know what to cover his stay!). Believe it or not partners actually need things.
Board shorts – if you end up in the shower and need some assistance, they are not allowed to go in wearing their birthday suit. It’s against policy.
    Comfortable shoes – there may be a bit of pacing going on!
    Contact list – if you would like to be in control of your birth announcement, I suggest drafting it before you have your baby and providing your partner with a list of who to contact FIRST. Before it becomes Facebook official.
    Snacks – I had a friend who’s partner forgot to eat and left MID-LABOUR to go get a burger. No kidding! So make sure they have sustenance to get through.
    Change of clothing – they might need to change after the big event. Enough said.
    Money – So they can run down to the cafeteria and get you the salami sandwich you’ve been lusting over for 9 MONTHS! Essential.


      1. For your BABY! The moment has FINALLY arrived, you can now dress your little bebe in that gorgeous onsie you purchased when you were 6 weeks pregnant. Oh the JOY! So each hospital is different in regards to what is and what isn’t provided but just in case, be sure to pack:
      NappiesHuggies Newborn Nappies are GREAT! While you’re at it, you should pack wipes too.
      Baby Blanket - this is a no brainer, those little tikes get cold!
      Outfits – the FUNNEST! Plan for worst-case scenario, which is a hospital stay of about 5 days. Choose your little onsies, hats and socks but make sure you have enough for the mammoth amount of outfit changes babies go through each day! If you’re having a winter baby, make sure you bring warm outerwear too.
      Car Seat – this will need to be installed PRIOR to the baby being allowed to leave the hospital. Try and do a test-run with a doll before the baby is born. Take it from someone who sat on the hospital bench hopelessly sobbing for half an hour when I couldn’t figure out how those pesky straps worked! You’ll appreciate the practise!


        And FINALLY, your going home outfit. A safe bet is to pack something you wore when you were about 6 months pregnant, as you won’t want to wear anything too restrictive while you heal.

        Oh and just to be safe, start gathering your items when you hit 35 weeks. It will put your mind at ease should your little darling choose to come early.

        Did we miss anything? Comment below.


        Marissa x

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