Is planning your kid’s birthday party sending you into a fit of panic? The influx of Pinterest Parties has well and truly changed the landscape and it seems there is no going back.

Remember the good old days where your party would consist of a buffet of fairy bread, sausage rolls and twisties? Where the adults would happily gather around an esky and leave the kids to amuse themselves? Where a stray game of pass the parcel would be considered a bonus? Yup, the golden days. Our parents don’t know how easy they had it!

We’ve taken the headache out of planning your kids birthday by sourcing the TOP 5 Children’s Party Themes for you.





Ask guests to dress in their favourite animal attire, plan a gorgeous buffet and decorate using leopard print, zebra print and greenery. If you really want to take the party to the next level, face painting and a pinata will impress the most seasoned of guests







Who doesn’t love Ice-Cream? This is guaranteed to be a success with children AND adults. We love this cake and best of all, it’s not too involved! Decorate your party with mini-ice cream garlands and all things colourful to add extra pizzaz to the day.  Oh and of course, SERVE ice-cream to your eager guests.




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You can have SO MUCH fun with this one! Gather a collection of teepees and tents and set them up with activities to keep the kids entertained. Serve marshmallows on skewers and make a messy mud cake adorned with a cute little tent.






We just couldn’t go past this one! Magic, Unicorns and Rainbows oh my! Decorate with unicorn balloons (pictured), serve rainbow delicacies such as rainbow cupcakes and fairy bread and be liberal with the glitter!





WARNING: This WILL get very messy! Get lots of paint and craft materials and ask each child to create something unique. We suggest hosting this outside to minimise any spills. The best bit is, each child will leave with a unique gift from the party.


And there you have it, the BEST Children’s Party Themes! If you are STILL stuck, you really can’t go wrong with a character themed party; Elsa from Frozen, Woody from Toy Story, the possibilities are endless.


Happy Planning!

Marissa x



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