INSPIRE BOOK BOX | Making Education Fun for Children and Effortless for Parents!

INSPIRE BOOK BOX | Making Education Fun for Children and Effortless for Parents!

Images sourced from @inspirebookbox with permission given by Roxanne. 


I stumbled across INSPIRE BOOK BOX on good ol’ Instagram and to be quite frank, fell in love with the concept before I even looked any further into it.

Being a mama of two, one of the commitments I made to my children is to inspire life of long learning through fun and creativity. One of the many struggles I face is being time poor (don’t we all?), having to run 2 businesses and a household generally means something as ‘simple’ as bedtime reading or creative play becomes an afterthought.


Founded by mama of two, Roxanne, a former Primary and Special Education Teacher, INSPIRE BOOK BOX is a subscription box filled with the following;

  • Age relevant books.
  • Craft and sensory activities - that relates to the books, CLEVER!
  • Lunchbox ideas - talk about time saving!
  • Parent guide – practical tips to engage and challenge our young ones.
  • Engagement gift - to promote further exploration of the themes of the book.

It’s no surprise given Roxanne’s background in teaching and being supported by a team of experts, who so happen to be mums, that these boxes are so well thought out.

For me, it’s a huge time saver. It takes the effort out of researching books for my children, saves so much time in trying to find recipe ideas and not to mention reduces the headache of ‘thinking’ of new activities to keep them entertained. More importantly though, this instills the importance of learning and helps develop a positive relationship with reading for my children.

You really can’t put a price on learning and education but it does help that these boxes are great value. So for any mamas thinking about it, I say give it a go!

I asked Roxanne what we can expect from future boxes, and although she doesn’t usually announce new themes until they are available, she has given us a little exclusive – Limited Edition Easter Mini Box.

You can find INSPIRE BOOK BOX on instagram or visit there website here.

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