How an Unimpressive Baby Hamper Sparked a Stylish New Venture

How an Unimpressive Baby Hamper Sparked a Stylish New Venture


The day I arrived home from hospital was the day I received my first baby hamper.  A blue box which consisted of a singlet, socks, a hair brush, a towel, shoes and a teddy bear all wrapped in clear cellophane then tied off with plastic blue ribbon.  

Okay! Trust me when I say, I’m not one to be ungrateful. I love giving as much as I love receiving, I mean who doesn’t? You see, the singlet couldn’t fit over my babe’s head, the towel didn’t absorb any water and the shoes just simply didn’t stay on his feet. 

As the days passed by, more hampers were delivered but none left me feeling excited. That was my A-HA moment. 

Fast forward 12 months, I made it my mission to offer baby hampers and gifts that leave a lasting impression.  I want to foster style for the modern baby! 

It wasn’t easy to find brands that were in line with my core values. I didn’t want mass produced products that were easily accessible in department stores, I didn’t want products that weren’t quality and I didn’t want products that had no real story behind it.   

Through this blog I will share with you; stories behind the products we are proud to include in our range, inspiration behind our collections and everything else baby, pregnancy and motherhood related. No topic is off limit.  

Have you ever received a less than impressive hamper? Drop a comment below.

Until the next post!

Linna x

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