Baby Showers; How To Navigate The Gift Guide

Baby Showers; How To Navigate The Gift Guide

You’ve been invited to a baby shower and now you’re faced with the tough decision - what to get the mum to be?! While it might seem like an easy task - after all, there are hundreds of baby stores out there, all stocked with gorgeous products - if you’re looking to get mum a present that’s not only gorgeous but also unique, stylish, and practical, there are a few key considerations you should think about before purchasing!

When Life of Luxe first opened its virtual doors, we actually sold baby hamper boxes, so it's needless to say, we know a thing or two *insert wink emoji* .. 


  1. Practicality

How often have you seen or heard of a new product made for newborns and thought to yourself ‘aww how cute’? Yep, we’ve been there too! There are lots of items out there on the market that at first glance might seem really awesome, but when you stop to think about it, you realise they’re just not that practical.

Remember, this time of her life can be super stressful! While you might mean well by getting her a cute gift, if it’s not useful then it’s just another thing she has to find a place for. If you’re really not sure, there is no harm in asking! Check with mum and see what items she is yet to buy herself that she 100% needs.

Items such as teethers and bibs are essentials that bub will need.




  1. Durability

Another thing to consider is how well the present will last. Is it equipped to handle the clutches of a newborn? It’s important that you do your research and ensure that not only is the brand reputable, but the products are safe for baby. The last thing you want to do is stress mum out by gifting her a toy or piece of clothing that will pose a risk to bub!

Again, if you’re not sure, ask mum what her favourite brands are and if there are any styles she is worried about and would like to steer clear of. Knowing exactly what she is after will help you pick the perfect gift that she will actually use!

If you’re looking to buy clothing, look for items that are made out of 100% cotton and other organic materials so they’re good for bubs skin. 




  1. Popularity

Certain items are always popular at baby showers. Think cute onesies, teeny tiny booties and a mountain of rattles, play mats and other toys. Whilst all these gifts are great, they’re not much use to mum when she has 20 of each. 

When choosing a gift, try to steer clear of overly popular items. Items that are unique and special are a great way to spoil bub and they’re something that they can keep with them as they grow up. Items such as this wooden toy camera is perfect as a decor accessory during the early years and once bub is older becomes a toy. 



So let us know how you go putting your gift together! xx

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