5 Unique Baby Shower Themes

5 Unique Baby Shower Themes

Baby Showers defined by me are:

 Arguably the very last chance for said pregnant woman to be showered with love and care before her gorgeous (manipulating, non-sleeping, weeing and pooing machine) little bebe arrives.  Also possibly the last time glowing pregnant lady will have trifecta of hair, makeup and clothing in synch for at least…. well lets be honest, a year? 

Keeping this in mind, if you have been given the mammoth task of organising this very special lady’s baby shower, it pays to do some research to ensure your event is one to be remembered.

Now as we’re all nearing or just past (eeek, my hand is up) our 30’s, we’ve all been privy to a baby shower or two. Usually centred on heavily pregnant woman, who alternates between feeding in-utero baby sickly sweet cupcakes and gasping in horror as ‘seasoned’ mothers talk about their ho ha’s.  

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good birth story as much as the next lady and cupcakes served at baby showers are generally delicious BUT there is something to be said for a unique, out of the box baby shower theme. Remember, the preggalati guest of honour will be off alcohol so getting this party started is going to take a bit more effort than usual. Nope, ‘set and forget’ jello shots will not do much to impress your friend on this occasion. Sorry amigo.

 So lets get down to biz-ness, here are my Top 5 Unique Baby Shower Theme Ideas.


Make it an afternoon shindig with pops of brilliant colour and quirky features. Think flamingos, pineapples, bright colours, mojitos, and cocktails for the non-pregnant guests. This will be an affair everyone will enjoy. 

(source: https://au.pinterest.com/pin/ASLiLlShnfgDuqRoWLJzZpxjMeILLC96RUUHu20YWpxZKwM8QpJiME/ )


Think DIY flower crowns, gorgeous rustic food, hipster photo booths and lace galore. This stunning theme will have everyone gushing!

(source: https://au.pinterest.com/pin/308637380696937126/ )


Organise an event to remember. Cook a delicious pancake breakfast with all the trimmings and ask everyone is to arrive in pyjamas! For an extra bit of fun, adorn the floor with cushions and arrange a vintage movie screening. Perfect for the mum to be who craves a bit of chill time.

(source: https://au.pinterest.com/pin/91620173649644594/)


Arrange to have a beauty therapist or two to attend on the day and spoil guests with a manicure, pedicure and even facial. There’s nothing like pampering a mother to be. Serve smoothies, fancy canapés and finish off with decadent brownies. Heaven!

(source: http://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/make-and-decorate/decorating/throw-a-spa-day-baby-shower-or-baby-sprinkle-pictures)


Create a mini book garland and theme the event with all things literature. You can get as creative as you like! For an extra bit of fun, ask each guest to bring a book for the baby’s library with a personal message inside.

Remember to make the guest of honour feel extra special and shower her with love and gentle advice. Oh and try and steer clear of the horror stories!

Drop us a comment to let us know how you go.

Marissa x



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