5 Fit Mums to Follow on Instagram

5 Fit Mums to Follow on Instagram

Fitness, fitness, fitness, we've become a nation obsessed with fitness and for good reason. Fitness = wellness. Wellness = well rounded life. Well rounded life = happy person.

Now this whole wellness phenomenon isn't actually out of reach providing you have time. After you take that mammoth leap into motherhood, making time for yourself becomes a thing of the past. I mean pre-baby, I was a COMPLETE fitness junkie. I'd be up at 5am every day, fit in an hour workout, load the protein and then go on to work 10 hour days. Every day. And MAN, I loved it!

Fast-forward 9+ months and the game had changed FOREVER.

Cue C-section, non-sleeping baby, breastfeeding and crazy lady delirium, downing copious amounts of protein and hill sprinting was the LAST thing on my mind. Slowly but surely, crazy lady haze turned into slightly wacky lady haze and I was able to get on the fitness bandwagon again. Now, despite what they tell you, growing a baby changes your body forever. Unless you are one of the lucky few, your overall circumference expands. Your boobies are no longer perky (even if you DO rock an A-Cup like me, represent!) and a % of your mum tum will remain. Despite hard-core ab training (trust me!).

Which brings me to my actual point. We KNOW how hard it is post baby to get those abs rocking a bikini again yet there are HEAPS of yummy mummies out there strutting their stuff and my goodness, what an inspiration they are. Here are my TOP 5 Fit Mums you MUST follow on Instagram.

*Side note: I totally know everyone's circumstances are different. Yes these mammas may have lots of support, a nanny, a  chef or are perhaps superhuman. Either way, lets take a moment to appreciate their journey and give them a round of applause folks.



@staystrongmummy 59.3k followers (www.instagram.com/staystrongmummy)

This mamma works her booty off and regularly includes her little ones in her workouts. She's a clean eating, strength training machine and her insta feed is full of #fitspo for fellow mammas.



@thehiitmum 14.7k followers (www.instagram.com/thehiitmum)

The Hiit Mum is a pocket rocket who has expanded her fit biz to include a HIIT Studio and a monthly HIIT subscription box. She's raw, she's honest and is loved by many. (Note: HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training)



@bybrittanynoonan 41.4k followers (www.instagram.com/bybrittanynoonan)

Fashion + Fitness combined? I'm in! This mamma is one to follow. She blogs about fitness, motherhood AND fashion. Totally envious of her ability to break a sweat and look uber cool while doing so!



@sharnyandjulius 135k followers (www.instagram.com/sharnyandjulius)

This mamma is HOT HOT HOT. She and her hubby are revolutionising the fitness industry having appeared on 60 Minutes and MORE. Oh and there's many a hilarious posts to keep ya'll entertained AND motivated.



@tammyhembrow 7.6m followers (www.instagram.com/tammyhembrow)

Follow this fit mammas journey from pregnancy to getting her hot pre-preggo body back. She credits her awesome meal plans and grit determination for her physique. Seriously jelly at what she's accomplished so far!

And there you have it. If you're looking for a bit of fitsperation mummy style, these mammas will give it to you in spades.

Most of all though, realise you grew a human and staying happy and positive is where it's at ya'll.

Marissa x

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